Role Models

“Working with Born Global taught me to respect other’s as well as my own values”

 – Ganga Panta, Deputy Superintendent of Nepal Police –

Workshop Nepal, ferdige bilder

Ganga Panta joined Nepal police 15 years ago. She now has a higher position as Deputy Superintendent.

People think: A woman commander? That’s a challenge in this office, and many women don´t get the chance to be in charge. It is very difficult to get inside. In male dominated organizations women are often mistrusted, says police officer Ganga Panta (39), who’s had success establishing herself as a leader, and who enjoys respect and trust from the public.

We have to give most of our time to our organization, says Ganga. In her career as a police officer, Ganga has met many challenges.

It is difficult to get the same opportunities male members typically get and to earn the public’s trust, as well as that of the members of your organization. These are the main challenges.  Although she is a police officer, she has responsibilities towards her family as well. Her home is only two kilometers from her office, but she has to stay in the office even at night.

I live here in my office though I have a small son who is only nine years old. Every 15th day I get to go home and stay with him for one night. Sometimes he comes here after school. In order to be a police officer, I have to give it all my time. That is what’s expected from us.

Ganga has 160 police personnel under her command.

Being a woman police officer in charge is not easy. Even policemen in the office wonder how I can give all my time in the office: How can she manage her home like that? But I am also a very inspiring role model for them.

Ganga is dedicated to her job as a police officer and she joined the leadership training with Born Global to strengthen her leadership.

“My first meeting with Born Global was so nice. I was so impressed over how professional the facilitators were, and how well they communicated. I have participated in many other training courses, but this was completely different. The facilitators led us to participate. They taught us how to own the program. I learned many things from Born Global. They taught us different tools. These tools help me to be a good leader. That is the strength of this training.”

During my active participation, I started to think differently, to analyze myself. It was very meaningful and I am using all the tools of this training in my daily life. By working with Born Global I have learned to respect other people’s values as well as my own.

Though many women are educated and some possess higher positions, most of them still hesitate to lead their community and their organization. I think it is very important to strengthen female leadership in Nepal, to boost their self-confidence and make them able to lead both in communities and in organizations.

Due to our cultural beliefs most of the women who are working, are not given the chance to lead an organization. I told my boss that if one woman gets a chance to be in charge, that woman can be an inspiration for women who are victims of domestic violence, which is a huge problem in Nepal. If we can get more female officers in the police, that will have a good impact on society. Women can understand people’s grief and problems in a different way and they can listen patiently.

Nothing is impossible. We can change the world, but we need to change ourselves first if we want to change traditional beliefs and attitudes toward women. Women can do any job more perfectly. Of course there is some sacrifice. We don’t get to spend much time with our families. But, where there are challenges there are also opportunities! Challenges make us stronger and braver!

«Core values are fundamental beliefs originating from our hearts.» 


Core values are fundamental beliefs, your inner compass, our guiding stars, helping us to find the right path and helping us to communicate with others.

Core values remain the same. You may have different priorities, but the same core values are there to guide you and dictate your behavior.

The emotional brain is much more active than the rest of the brain. Our emotional brain has a huge effect on us. We better not ignore it, otherwise it is eating us in every aspect of life, says facilitator Kaisu Heino.


Workshop Nepal, ferdige bilder



«We are experimenting, the workshop becomes a laboratory»

– Ragnhild Nilsen, speaker, tutor, coach and writer, Coach Team.Facilitator in Nepal and Bhutan –

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