Strengthening women’s participation is the key to development



“The quality of the results is high and the work was meaningful. I don’t know about more than their work in Nepal, but the feedback I have received is very positive. This work is very important. Strengthening women’s participation is the key to development. The most important work Born Global does is strengthening women’s participation in leadership and development”


 – Kyrre Lind, Former Program Coordinator in The Development Fund in Nepal.


After a couple of meetings we realized that this was an organization capable of hosting several different types of workshops. During the preparation work leading up to the workshops we were even more convinced. Kyrre Lind of The Development Fund explains why they wanted Born Global’s expertise.

The preparations were well done, as were the final results. I was especially happy with the cooperation between myself (The Development Fund) and Born Global. There was room for improvisation, we worked well together and there was mutual respect and communication. The work was both educational and fun, he says.

At the same time the participants seemed to learna lot. They were immensely satisfied and the product we delivered made up a foundation for future work amongst our partners. Born Global really delivered.

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