Authentic Leadership


There is an African Proverb saying:

«If you want to walk fast, walk alone, if you want to walk far,
walk together!»
I have walked far – and I have walked with hundreds of people – all different – all unique – all inspirational in their own way. The footsteps I have taken – and the ones to come – are all coloured and more visible because of the qualities and values of these people. They have all helped me to be more authentic – more aware – and more focused on what really matters in my life.

Thank you for being – or becoming – one of them!

– Anne-Katrine S. Hagelund, Founder and CEO of Born Global

Born Global, Kiri, Cita



“Authentic leadership means leading in accordance with one’s values and personality”

– Anne-Katrine S. Hagelund, Founder and CEO of Born Global

“Value based leadership adds dimensions of equality and ethics to the role of the leader”

– Annika Berg, project manager of Born Global.Facilitator in Nepal 


“Authentic leaders dare to make a difference.

They are courageous and they dare to be vulnerable”

– Marianne Magelssen, writer and nurse. Facilitator in Nepal


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